A couple of years ago, I ended up having breast implants.

It was for the benefit of my work as an adult model, but I suppose it also did me a few favors at Orpington escorts. Honestly I think that the implants were a little bit too big for my small frame and I ended up suffering a lot of backache. One of other girls at Orpington escorts also had breast implants and suffered discomfort. In the end, she had to go back to her normal size.

Well, the thing is that I have left Orpington escorts now from https://charlotteaction.org/orpington-escorts. I met this really nice guy at the Orpington escorts service that I used to work for and we have hooked up. He knows that my boobs are fake, and that I also suffer backache. The thing is that I know that he likes big boobs and I keep wondering if he will go off me if I get rid off the boobs. I am not sure that he will still love me after surgery.

I have actually talked to a couple of the other girls at Acton escorts about having my boobs reduced. They think that I should go ahead and have them reduced as I am suffering discomfort. I know that it might be the right thing to do but I am really worried about losing my hot date from Acton escorts. Okay, he is not a date anymore, and I am fully aware that he is my boyfriend now and he may look at things differently as my boyfriend.

In general, I don’t think that doctors don’t give you enough information about the dangers and risks of breast implants. The doctors that I met seemed to recommend the biggest boobs. I am not sure that is the best thing at all. Many of the girls at Acton escorts are now really suffering and wishing that they did not have their breast implants. Plastic surgery seems to have become a hard sell, and I know that many of the girls at Orpington escorts have fallen for the sales pitch of good looks.

If I had my time again, I am not sure that I would go for breast implants and many of the other girls that I used work with at various Orpington escorts services across Orpington, feel the same way. They are very careful when they visit a plastic surgery specialist these days. Tonight, I am planning to have a chat with my boyfriend. He is such a nice guy and I am sure that he will understand. Sure he may not want to wake up to a pair of smaller boobs, but if it makes me feel better about myself, I am sure that he will be okay about it. I have this feeling that he will not worry too much about it. When I look at myself in the mirror, I still think that I have a lot of special attributes apart from my boobs. My ass is cute and I know that he likes that as well. At the end of the day, he cannot have everything.