Booking Independent Female Escorts in London


How do I choose the right one? This is very subjective indeed and we cannot possibly know what you’re into, however there are a few steps you can take to make sure you have a nice time with the independent female London Escorts: Wherever possible try to check out reviews. If you’re choosing one from an online database then it may well have a review section. If there are two escorts you like and one of them has a good review choose her. There is nothing better than having a rating from another client. While we’re on this point, if there is an option to rate a girl when you’ve had an appointment with her please do so because it makes everyone else’s life a little easier?

Choose more than one girl, call them all up and then sit down to compare what they said and their prices etc. There is no better way than to compare services. What do I say when I call the number in the directory or paper? This is as basic as it gets really, but don’t be ashamed because you’re unsure how to talk to the person you get on the phone. When it’s an independent escort you will more than likely actually get the girl/woman who does the work.

You must remember a few of these things:  Be normal whatever you do. These independent escorts are so used to people phoning them up and behaving weird that they are likely to just hang up the phone if you don’t relax and get to the point. Don’t be rude or dirty down the phone. If you want sex chat then look at our pages on phone sex and go and sort yourself out. Again, the independent escorts won’t tolerate all this sort of nonsense and they will hang up on you. Don’t be afraid to ask for details.

You need to know these things, that’s why you’ve called them isn’t it? The escort girls will usually answer any reasonable questions without a problem. You need to know the following: o What they look like (especially if you haven’t seen a picture of them. o How much they charge. Some of them will allow you to be specific here, but some will think you’re just getting off on the phone. You have to choose your words carefully. Most will say something like “all inclusive” and this means basically everything. o Ask about where to go and where you can park if you drive. Make sure that you can park somewhere safe; the escort should be able to advise you.

Agree a time and stick to it. There is nothing worse for these escorts than having someone turn up late when they could have taken another booking. If you are after an outcall escort, be sure to ask her what the protocol is when she arrives at your hotel or home. Ensure on the phone that she takes the appropriate steps to be discrete if this concerns you, but remember to polite at all costs. Remember that there are hundreds of independent escorts on our pages right now and all you have to do is browse them, call them and have lots of fun.