Cyber Security

London escorts say that cyber security is very important these days, and London escorts think that we should all focus on better cyber security for ourselves, and our children. Many London escorts seem to be of the opinion that we still don’t take cyber security seriously enough, and we need to do more to prevent fraud online.

Escorts in London agencies are also aware of cyber security, and point out on their web sites that children under the age of 18 are not allowed to use their sites. That being said, many London escorts agencies say that a lot more should be done about protecting the privacy of our children online. I totally agree that protecting your children online is very important. The thing is, you can just talk about it. You have to be seen as doing the walk as well as talking about it.

We don’t encourage our daughter to use all of the social media site, and when we do, we do monitor her activity. We have told that she can only contact people that she knows, and be friends with people that she knows in real life as well. Despite that, she had some strange messages on Instagram so we told her to close her account.


Information is power and children often put a lot of information on line without realising that they are doing so. For instance they may put their date of birth, and even the details of their school. Our daughter is not allowed to put the date of her birth nor what school she goes to.

As parents we are very concerned that something might happen to her, and putting up those details would pose a risk. Her friends and family knows what school she goes to, and how old she is – nobody else needs to know. To keep her happy we don’t put our details online neither, and that has made her think about the information she shares.

Social media is not a really big part of children’s lives and we need to take a keen interest in everything they do. Many unpleasant people pose as children online, and lure them in by playing games with them. You will probably find that many sexual predators stalk children’s chat rooms, and popular game sites.

Our daughter is a bit of a budding artist, and she recently called us in to her room. She had gone to one of her favourite drawing sites, and found an image of a man wearing no clothes in full erection. It was a shocking experience for her, and I immediately emailed the site to tell them about the photo.

It was a guy who posed as an art teacher but from what I saw, he wasn’t really into art at all. He looked like a very dangerous person. After a couple of days when we had not heard back from the site, and the photo was still there, I reported the incident to Interpol Cyber Squad.

Taking action and showing your children that you are prepared to take action is an excellent way forward when it comes to cyber crime.

Needless to say the photo disappeared within 48 hours, and I did have a response both from the sight and the Interpool Cyber Squad.

Make yourself aware of what your children are up to, but at the same time, lead by example and take action.