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Tigra is hot Swedish blonde who has just arrived from North of Sweden. The poor petite golden locked girl has had a cold winter, and is now waiting for the right date to come along and get her going with some loving magic. Goldie Locks as her fellow escorts call her, just loves to date discerning gents and whilst you are getting her hot, she will get your motoring running as well.

Tigra is absolutely stunning to look at, and now that she has thawed a little she is waiting for someone to come along and spend some time with her. She loves to give Swedish massages whilst clad a bit scantly but does that really matter to you? Surely, you must be able to appreciate that peeling off those layers will feel good for someone from the coldest part of the world.

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Marissa from Lofoten in Norway dug herself out of her snow covered cabin just to come and join us her in Fulham. She is a former video chat girl who would like nothing better than to whisper hot something in your ear as she is slowly soothing all the stresses of the week away with her warm hands.

Touch and goes are Marissa’s speciality and if you would like to know what that is, you may want to make a date with Marissa to find out what other whispered secrets she has brought with her from snowy and cold Norway. Perhaps you would even like to hop into Marissa’s sauna, and join her for one of her many exciting and unusual sauna sessions?

Marissa is a lady who has many pleasures to offer, can she offer them to you?

Hot Scandinavian blondes are what many gents are looking for this summer. So unless you would like to be disappointed perhaps, you had better pick up the phone and make a date with Marissa or Tigra. Both ladies would like to point out that they also enjoy duo dating for very discerning gents.