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All my life I only love one woman, she is beautiful and perfect. We’ve been friends for so long, and have kept my feelings to her. I met her at school, we were at our preschool at that time, and I noticed her because she farts at the school and everyone teases her. She cried, and everyone laughs. I comfort her, and she hugs me. We became a friend since then. Every day we share foods and defend each other. We grow up together and enroll at the same school. I get jealous every time a man gets too close to her; it pains me. We graduated together and reached our dreams. But after three months she left me because she needs to go to Deptford. Deptford is a place in London, and we are far away from each other. I regret I haven’t told her my feelings. Years passed by, I have built my own business, but my life could be more complete if she will be at my side. I have no news about her on what she is going on. I book a Deptford escort and shock when she is the girl I reserve. She is still beautiful and sweet. We have the time to update each other and tell my feelings. She gave me a chance to prove my love for her, and we have a relationship. I Give all my love to a Deptford Escorts at