Help me to lose weight!

I am so jealous of my friend who works for London escorts. She has the most amazing figure and I would love to have a figure like hers. Do I want to work for a London escorts service? I do actually and I will admit that it is one of my secret ambitions in life. I have not told my friend that I would like to be a London escort as I think it may not go down to well. But then again, there are plenty of different London escorts agencies around London, and I would not necessary have to work for her agency.

The only problem is that I don’t have a lot of money to spend on getting fit. There are lots of expensive gyms in London and they would all be delighted to help you to lose weight. However, I think that this is something that I am going to have to do on my own. I am not sure what the girls at London escorts eat, but I have sort of come up with my own diet. My top tip would be to add extra fruits and vegetables to your diet.

To kick start my diet, I am going to only eat fruit in the morning. I am worried about getting hungry during the morning, but I have packed plenty of fruit to take with me. On top of that I have also added a bottle of water and crisp breads. In short I am trying to avoid anything which has sugar in it as I think that would help me. The other thing I have ditched is potatoes. It sounds like most of the girls at London escorts avoid potatoes and I plan to do the same thing. If they eat chicken, they will eat vegetables instead of potatoes.

Exercising is going to be a problem, but I am planning on going walking for at least one hour every day. I do feel very conscious in my sweet suit, but I think that I may go swimming anyway. It is one of those great exercises which you can use to help you lose a lot of weight and help you tone up at the same time. Going swimming is cheap as well, and along with my plans to do a lot of walking. I have this sneaky feeling that it may just help a lot.

I am not sure how long it is going to take me to lose my weight. Some girls rush weight loss and that is when I think that it all goes wrong. I am not a naturally slim girl, but then again I have a feeling that not all of the girls at London escorts are naturally slim neither. Once the weight starts coming off, I am pretty sure that I will feel better about myself. The funny thing is that my friend who works for this posh escort agency in London says that I don’t need lose weight. Apparently a lot of gents like to date plus size escorts and is even happy to pay extra for their company.