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So, you thought that Croydon was only about shops, and perhaps famous for its proximity to Gatwick airport. There is a lot more to Croydon than that, and people are just beginning to discover Croydon for what it really is – a great place to work. It is not very far from central London, and you can be here in a jiffy if you jump on the train at Charing Cross station. It is the perfect place to live as well, and the borough of Croydon has plenty of leisure facilities for you to enjoy yourself in. And of course, then we have Croydon escorts.

gorgeous and outstanding people you'll never forget
gorgeous and outstanding people you’ll never forget

I have lived in Croydon for about 10 years, and worked as an escort for about 10 of them. Before I dated in Croydon, I used to date in central London. I have to say that I really like to both live and work in Croydon. It is hassle free and I like to work on at all exclusive outcall basis. Most of the gents that we date at the Croydon escorts agency that I work for, prefer to be looked after on an outcall basis. That suits me fine as it means that I don’t have to pay for an expensive apartment for my job.

The large majority of the gents that I date here at the agency work in London. That means that Croydon escorts are busiest during the evening which is fine. Most of the girls at the front desk only do the job in the evening so I think it suits them as well. The girls have other jobs as well, and they just go into the office in the evening to make an extra buck or two. That is fine with me, and I like that the agency has this sort of casual feeling about it. It makes it so much easier to work here.

Some of my friends stayed behind in London to work as elite escorts. They think they are going outdo me in earnings, but last year I earned more money than most of them. I think it is okay to call yourself an elite escorts, but I have sort of done that. The funny thing is that the status game of escorting does not effect me at all. I am just as happy to work for Croydon escorts as I was working for the elite agency in Chelsea. No hassle and less foreign dates who demand this and that.

Most of the gents that I date here at Croydon escorts are into regular one on one dating, and that is nice. Some of them are into a bit of role play, but he vast majority of them are pretty straight. In London it was all about duo dating, and escorts for couples, and stuff. Give me one-on-one any day, and I am happy. After all, I think that most gents are looking for that. It is all of the fancy agencies that put all of the other ideas into their heads to make more money.

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