How to avoid cyber bullies

I have always lived a lot of my lie on line, says Kira from London escorts services. To be honest, I am seriously addicted to the web and do all of my shopping on line, it is very seldom I visit a shop these days. I know that many kids use the Internet on an every day basis and one of the biggest threats is cyber bullying. It is scary and I would like all kids to be aware that this is a real thing. Mind you, says Kira, it is not only kids who are bullied online, London escorts have been bullied as well.

Kira first became passionate about cyber bullying after having helped a couple of London escorts girlfriends to overcome the problem. It is all about using social media responsibly she says and making sure that you know who your friends are. I have told all London escorts that unless you know someone in the real world, don’t make friends with them online. This is the same advice I would like to give to most young people out there. If you are friends in school, that is fine but otherwise you should not make accept friend requests.

It is important to be able to identify people on line, says Kira. Most London escorts are very friendly people and like to be friends with everybody. As a matter of fact, all London escorts that I know think the best of everybody. This can be a really bad mistake. It is a bit like dating sites, you don’t know anything about the person who is contacting you and why should you be their friend. It is best to always think twice before you make a new friend online. Believe, I have come across a lot of horror stories.

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Also be careful with photos. Photos are often copied and I have come across incidents where London escorts photos have ended up on dating sites. It is actually the staff at these agencies who use them as profile. They see some pretty escorts in London profiles, they just happen to be Stunning escorts in London, and they stick the photos up. This is simply not right and should be avoided at all times. Also, it is important to keep your profiles private so only the invited individuals can see what you are talking about. Don’t share too much, this can lead to cyber bullying as well.

Above all, if you have a problem tell your mom and dad if you are young. Unfriend the person and deal with it in the real world as well. A lot of London escorts are now more aware about the information they put out there, Kira says, but some youngsters are still very vulnerable. It is important that the school continues to educate children about cyber safety. Really London escorts are grown ups and should know better but it is easy to get drawn in. Remember to find out who the person is and don’t let them put any pressure on you to be their friend.