How to look younger

How do mature Finchley escorts manage to look so young? You may wonder how many of the mature escorts who work in London, manage to look so young. Many ladies that I meet, found it hard to believe that I am 38 years old. Even some of the gents I meet on regular basis at Finchley escorts are still curious to know how I manage to look so good for my age. It is not hard at all to look younger than your physical age. To be fair, it is really about common sense.

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One of the things I pay particular attention to, is sleep. Working at night a Finchley escorts can be hard on you, and I have learned that getting a decent night’s sleep is on top of the agenda. My bedroom has been decorated in a very relaxing way, and when I come home, I make sure that I am ready for sleep. I take a nice shower, put on some relaxing oils, and curl up in bed. One top tip is to make sure that your bedroom is not too hot. That will disturb your sleep, and on top of that, cause skin damage.

Eating right is important as well. I have long since given up on the traditional British diet, and now favor a continental diet full of vegetables and grains. Potatoes is okay once in a blue moon, but most of the time I eat rice, and I also enjoy eating fish. Some people may only eat fish once a week, but I try to eat fish at least five times per week. My colleagues at Fimchley escorts services who have tried the diet,all say that it has done miracles for them as well.

Be a bit careful with perfume and highly scented body lotion. They contain a lot of alcohol, and that can really play havoc with your skin. These days, I stay away from all lotions and face creams which contain alcohol and perfume, and I have noticed my skin looks so much better. Aim for natural stuff and ingredients which you can make up yourself. A couple of the Finchley escorts will only spray perfume on their hair, and that helps a lot.

Your hair can age you as well. The best thing I have done in the last couple of years, is to have given up on ammonia based hair colours. They dry out your hair, and can make it brittle. Another thing which I have said to Finchley escorts, is that you don’t have to have long hair to stay sexy. Short hair is sexy too, and can make you look a lot younger, I recently cut my hair short, and I think that I look ten times sexier than I used to look when I wore it long all of the time. Looking after your cleavage matters, and make sure you invest in one of those special hydrating creams for your cleavage. They really can make a huge difference to your personal assets.