Hungerford escorts in Berkshire on Bad Weather

Like so many other towns in Berkshire, we have a water way nearby. I don’t live very far from it, and if we had any flooding, it would probably flood my little mews house in Hungerford. Most of the girls at Hungerford escorts live in town as well, so the recent floods in Newbury scared us a bit. Over the last year we have not had very good weather and I have been kind of worried that the flooding was going to affect us here in Hungerford as well.

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I know that there is not very much you can do. If it happens, it happens and you just have to live with the consequences. I do worry and I especially worry when I am on the nightshift at Hungerford escorts. It would be awful to walk home and found that my little house has been damaged, and that my cats had drowned. I would just be totally devastated if that happened to me.


At first when I moved out of London after a long career with a top escort agency in London, I never thought that I would settle into country life. Now, I love it and my little house here in Hungerford is just my piece of heaven. I was able to buy my house outright and now I only work part time for Hungerford escorts. It is okay, but I hope to have enough money in the back to do something different in a few years time.


As a matter of fact, I rather enjoy country stuff now, and I am planning to learn how to horse ride. One of the gents that I date at Hungerford escorts owns his own horse racing stable, and I have been to visit him several times. The first couple of times, I was really scarred of the horses, but now I am used to them. Of course, riding race horses is not an option for me at all. I think that it would rather have to be a smaller horse, and one that does not want to run all of the time. But, I have come to appreciate horses as very beautiful animals, and I do like them.


My former friends thought I was nuts when I announced that I was going to move down to Berkshire and settle in Hungerford.¬† I had visited many times as I am totally bad about shopping for antiques. Hungerford is full of little antique shops and it was one of those things that attracted me here. I also like the feel of this little town. When I moved down here I did not know about Hungerford escorts at all. It wasn’t until I had been here for a little while when I heard of Hungerford escorts. It is different down here in Hungerford and you have to be really discreet. The gents you meet are totally different from London gents, but all of them are very friendly. Actually, I do think that I am going to say here.


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