I am struggling in this relationship!

Most of the time, I am pretty good at keeping men happy, but this relationship has beaten even me. My boyfriend does not seem to be happy whatever I do. I come home from London escorts, slip my sexy gear on, and he tells me that I don’t turn him on. Last night when I finished my London escorts shift, I came home, took a shower and slipped into minimalistic gear that he normally likes. When I came into the living room where was watching the TV, he was not interested at all.

He is a really keen Arsenal supporter, so for his birthday, I bought him a season ticket for Arsenal. It cost me a bomb from my London escorts earnings, but he was not happy with that neither. Instead he told me that he did not enjoy the way Arsenal played anymore and he was thinking about supporting another London club instead. I am not sure he appreciates how hard I had to work at London escorts to get the money together for that season ticket. That is not the only thing that I have done. I had his car sprayed as well when he told me it was really scratched up and I paid for his service bills when a commission cheque he had been waiting for took a long time to come through. Once again, I was not happy, and on this occasion I told my friends at cheap escorts in London about it.

They told me to stop being a mug and let him sort his life out. After all, the flat was mine and if it was not for London escorts, there would not be any food on the table. Yes, I was livid with him, and I still am. The thing is that I feel that this is being to cause a problem for me at London escorts. I go into work and I am angry, and it is a little bit like I take the anger with me throughout the night. One of the gents I have been dating for a long time said that I seemed to be smiling less and I have a feeling that he is right. I seem to have forgotten to smile and have some fun. I am really not sure what to do at all, and I am thinking about dumping this guy.I do feel a bit guilty that we are not getting a lot of time together. Since I joined London escorts, I have been working really long hours and I feel that this guy has come into my life at the wrong time. If we had met some time in the future, it is possible that we would have got on better. How do I break it to him that I think that we should split up? It is not going to be easy, but the way I feel at the moment, it is like I need to say thank you but no thank you, to preserve my own sanity.