My Hammersmith Babes

Are you into dating escorts? If you are into dating escorts in London, there are a couple of escorts services that you need to check out. I know that lots of guys go for the traditional services such VIP and elite services in Kingston, but I always look for something different. Whilst I think services in other parts are London are good, I don’t think that there is anything special about them. The dates are kind of round of the mill, and that is not what I am looking for at all.

I look for dates that stands out and you may not find them at the posher London escort services. If you are looking for a date that will give you something a little bit special than you are looking for Hammersmith escorts. There is something special about the girls who work for Hammersmith escorts. They are that little bit more broadminded and the girls are all stunning. Take my Tyra for instance.

perfect moments with hammersmith escorts

Tyra has been working for Hammersmith escorts for about 12 months now. The moment you see Tyra, you appreciate that there is something special about her. It is not those long legs , or that perfect 34 E bosom that does it, it is the way she dresses. The first time I met Tyra, she opened the door wearing a PVC cat suit. I  took an immediate step back as I could not quite believe my eyes. Tyra is not only stunning but she is great fun to be with as well. Remember one though, once the door is closed on you and Tyra, it is closed….

Marinda is a hot Japanese offering who works for Hammersmith escorts. Like so many other girls who work at the agency, she has brought something unique to the agency. If you want to enjoy a date with Marinda, you really need to take your head out of gear. As a properly trained Geisha, the lovely tiny Marinda will take you through a ceremony that you will never forget. She is certainly not the cheapest escort at the agency, but she is one of the more exciting escorts at the agency to be with.

Girls like Tyra and Marinda are the reasons why I enjoy using Hammersmith escorts so much. The girls are creative and they will always surprise. If you are looking for a date for a special occasion or just as a treat, I would head down to Hammersmith escorts straight away. This is the most unusual agency in London, and I have know that you are going to like. It does not matter if you fancy a redhead, a Black babe or a brunette – everything is there for you and you will love your date- I just know that you will.

And if you are in the mood for something really sensational, I know exactly what girl you should see. Her name is Esmeralda, and her photos speak for themselves. Believe, Esmeralda will give you an extraordinary experience.

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