Online safety and privacy

Let’s be honest – is there such a thing as teenager’s privacy when it comes to online safety? Our daughter is becoming a teenager this year, and she knows that we monitor her online activity. We have told her that we do it for her own safety, and to make sure that nothing happens to her. But, we have done a deal with her – she monitors our online safety as well and keeps an eye on us.

I explained this concept of online safety to a talk I gave to some Earls Court escorts the other day, and all of the Earls Courts escorts from that I spoke to said it was a good idea. They had become concerned about online safety after having been harassed online, and were looking for ways to stay safe online. The Earls court escorts are now going to monitor each other accounts.

It isn’t only Earls Court escorts who are concerned about internet safety. Many parents are joining forces with other parents such as Earl Courts escorts with children, and looking for ways to increase online security for their kids. So, here is a couple of tips for you.

Friends and family

If, you don’t know the person in real life, don’t let your teenager communicate with them. It can be anybody behind that user name, and you don’t know if their intentions are friendly or not.

Many perverts and sex pests hang out in chat rooms for teenagers, so it is best to avoid chat rooms altogether advise Earl’s Court escorts. My daughter is not allowed in chat rooms, and if she wants to talk to her friends, she can Facetime them or use the phone. Most of the time she sees them in school every day.

Your Teenager’s Mobile

Escorts in Earl’s Court say you should Ask your teenager not to put his or hers mobile phone number online, or give it out to someone they don’t know. Blame mom and dad, but make sure they don’t give their phone number out. Sex pests are common in cyber space, but you will find an equal amount lurking around phone networks.

Your phone number is private information, and should not be handed out to everybody. It can be difficult to avoid but I do wonder how many child sex attacks are down to kids handing out their mobile numbers. As a matter of fact, you may even find that you can limit the amount of people your child can keep in touch with thanks to new technology.


Don’t post to many images of yourself online. A friend of mine recently found her daughter’s on a dating site, and had to contact the policy. It really makes you wonder how your image can be used but obviously dating sites are interested in your image. Many dating sites create fake personalities – make sure your teenager’s is not one of them.

Keeping your children and teenagers is not easy these days, and I often wonder what kind of childhoods are children have these days. We must do whatever we can to keep them safe, and make sure they don’t grow up earlier than they have to.