The girl at the escort agency wondered what had happened to me – West Midland escorts

Years ago, a mistress used to be the bit on the side, and when one of my guys at Birmingham escorts asked me to become his mistress, that is what I thought it was going to be all about. However, I soon learned that things have changed a lot, and the role of the modern mistress has taken on a new meaning. To cope with my new role, I actually had to give up my job with West Midland escorts.

Philip was without the shadow of a doubt the nicest men I had met at West Midland escorts. I knew that he was in a rather challenging personal position, and I was more than happy to help him out. When I had a night off from West Midland escorts, I often used to go out with him. Also I had a lot of business dates with him, and I guess that is how it all got started.

His wife was that kind of life who was not really interested in his business life in London and would always rather stay in the country with the family. I knew that it bothered him and could at times make his professional life in London very difficult. He really did need someone who could help him to be what I called his social wife. We used to laugh at the idea at first, but as we carried on dating at West Midland escorts, the idea became a reality and I ended up being his mistress.

We did not tell anybody at West Midland escorts that I was now living in a flat that Philip had bought in London some years back. Sure, I still hung in to my flat and did short term rentals. As time went on, it became clear that I could not both work at West Midland escorts and be Philip’s mistress at the same time. Philip was simply too busy socially and in the end I gave up my job with the escort agency in West Midland. I was not sure it was what I wanted to do, but in the end, I did not have the energy to both be a mistress and an elite escort.

The girl at the escort agency wondered what had happened to me, and I had to tell them that I had become a professional mistress. The funny thing is that many of Philip’s business partners thought that we were ideally suited to each other. However, I would give all girls who think about being someone’s professional mistress a bit of advice. Don’t do it for free, and don’t let him in all of the way into your life. At the weekend he is likely to go home to his wife and family, and you don’t want to be involved. Remember that time is money, and you don’t want just the nice flat, but you want to get paid as well. The lines between the London Sugar Babe and London Mistress are indeed beginning to blur.