Top Health Benefits of Spinach

I love to date a healthy girl at Fulham escorts, and gladly give out fitness advice to my Fulham escorts girls. If you need a little bit of advice, I would be more than happy for you to give me a call at Fulham escorts services, and I would gladly help. One of my favorite healthy diet tricks, is to eat a lot of spinach, and here are some of the health benefits which you get from spinach.

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1) Blood pressure – if you suffer high blood pressure spinach is the vegetable for you. Spinach contains certain peptides which can help to lower blood pressure.
2) Nutritional value – one cup per day gives you an amazing 20% of the Recommended Daily Intake of dietary fiber. This is really good news if you suffer from constipation, or
other stomach or bowel problems. Eating more fiber is also important if you are trying to control or lose weight as fiber is the broom which cleanses our digestive system.

3) Lutein – have you ever heard about Lutein? Lutein is an antioxidant which helps to improve our eyesight and increases blood flow to the back of the eye. You can buy Lutein supplements but they tend to be very expensive so it is cheapier to eat spinach.

4) Effective in wrinkle reduction – spinach a lot of vitamin A which improves the quality of our skin. Ladies are normally very concerned about wrinkles and skin health so adding spinach to your health care routine will improve your skin. I am always reminding the girls at Fulham escorts about the health benefits of eating Spinach.

5) Better brain health – spinach contains a lot of vitamin K which is really good for the nervous system. Our brain is of course the central hub for our nervous system.

6) Bones – if you eat one cup of spinach per day you get 100% of the vitamin K which is required for healthy bones. As we age we start to lose bones and ladies going through the menopause or perimenopoause are at risk of developing oesteoporosis which is also known as brittle bones. The bones become less dense and porous which can lead to fractures.

7) Immune system – spinach helps to boost and strengthen our immune system. Our immune system is exposed to a lot of toxins such as fumes from cars and additives found in found. All of these factors can weaken our immune system and cause health problems.
8) Anti inflammatory – arthritis is a very common inflammatory disease. Spinach is very rich in certain micro nutrients which can help to reduce inflammation, and many suffers of inflammatory diseases juice spinach. The juice seems to be very effective when it comes to combating inflammatory diseases and also allergies of the skin.

9) Prostate – inflammation of the prostate and prostate cancer is fairly common amongst men. Spinach is rich in flavoniods which can protect against cancer of the prostate and also many other types of cancer. Of course, this is the top reason my girls at Fulham escorts, should add spinach to their diet.

10) Heart disease and spinach – the antioxidants found in spinach are also very helpful when it comes to combating heart disease. They can help to prevent hardening of the arteries and also reduce blood fats.